Yogyakarta - Prambanan and Borobudur

The photos in this blog is from two trips separated by six months (-: One in Jan 2013 and other in August 2013.

As it is famously called, the cultural capital of Asia, it lives to its title. Constant eruptions of nearby Merapi volcano and earthquakes often threaten its existence but Yogyakarta has stood the test of time till now. But then, as much as Mount Merapi threatens its existence, as much it ha given to this place. The fertile land, the volcanic rocks of Borobudur and Prambanan and the volcanos themselves! 

It is best to visit Borobudur in morning for sun rise and it is better to visit Prambanan for sun set. Ramayana ballet is also in evening at Prambanan, hence an evening visit saves an effort of coming twice. Please check the ballet calendar before planning a trip as it is not on everyday.

Best months to visit would be from April to September, when it rains very little. Following goes the things one can do in Yogjakarta. 

1. Borobudur

A 9th century buddhist temple is one of the biggest buddhist temple in the world. It has 9 stories. A flat structure shows how much our ancestors knew about earthquake resistant buildings! The upper stories from 6-9th are typically very crowded as it gives a nice surrounding views of volcanos and buddha stupas.

2. Prambanan

The hindu temple! Reserve a separate day for this temple. People generally tend to visit Prambanan after Borobudur. But it becomes monotonous and may make you undermine the beauty of Prambanan.  

3. Ramayana Ballet

In the evening, in Prambanan. Check the ballet calender. Be aware of fake ballet in the city.

4. Sewu temple

In the same campus as Prambanan, Sewu is Buddhism temple. It shows how diverse was javanese history.
5. Plason temple

It is a couple of kilometers away from Prambanan. Entry fee is like a tip to security guard. Though is shambles, it is still a unique buddha temple and gives good photography opportunity.

Medut Temple
6. Medut Temple

On the way to Borobodur. One can stop here for 10-15 minutes. There is a really old banyan tree here. School kids can be seen swing around (:        
7. Parangtritis

About half an hour away from Yogyakarta is Parangtritis. This is for the beach lovers and worthy visit if one wants a break from visiting temples. Though careful of swimming here, the beach is infamous for strong rip currents. Here one can do paragliding also depending on weather condition.

Views around the black sand beach of Parantritis


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